Friday, July 10, 2009

a set promotion - surf girl

set a: beg selempang putih +surfer girl beg
harga: rm 30
warna: surfer girl hijau hitam

set b: surfer girl + beg selempang kelabu
harga: rm 30
colour: hitam purple

set c: billabong keychain + surfer girl beg
harga: rm 25
colour: keychain: kelabu celoreng askar
surfer girl biru putih

set d: surfer girl handphone chain + surfer girl beg
harga: rm 25
colour: cream + brown

p/s: bag ini takdelah sekukuh mana... sesuai utk letak baju pj, shopping as beg kitar semula + beg tuition tanpa buku yg trlalu berat =)

sebarang informasi tambahan sila email kpd saya =)

all price + rm 3 for post express!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

blouse size 14/16 to let go only rm 28 each and 48 both

brand: none
size: 14/16 uk
price: 28 each/ 48 both
colour: green - available
purple - available

2 blouses to let go... never worn 100% new. bought it 2 months ago but never have a chance to wear it. so, what r u waiting for....

rip curl jeans to let go...

brand: rip curl
size: 12
condition: 100% new with tags...
sale price: only rm 145 bought at rm 299.

im back again... ok, im so dissapointed because i cannot fit into this jeans.... its really stunning and beautiful and what more important... its branded....

this rip curl jeans i bought from oversea... never tested while bought this... huhu now im regret... there are small flowers at the pocket and the back and its low boot cut... so for whom want to grab this jeans do inform me =)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

perfumes and lotion... paris hilton, united colours of benetton

there are some perfumes, perfumes + lotions and also lotions to let go...

brand: united colour of benetton

condition: new
price: rm 100
size: 100 ml
colour pink box
status: available

brand: paris hilton-paris hilton
condition: new
price: rm 240 for one set/ 220 for perfumes only
size: 100 ml
colour pink box/ bottle
status: available

brand: elizabeth arden
condition: new
price: rm 30 for both
size: -
colour: white
status: available

Monday, June 22, 2009

souvenier while shopping... donate also while shopping

calender - u can change the date... really beautiful and unique!! a lot of animals photos such as giraffe, cat. do email me for each picture...

brand: none
condition: new
price: rm 8 (rm2 donate)
size: small
colour -
status: available

a very beautiful sling bag suit to bring to school, tuition or class.. =)

brand: none
condition: new
price: rm 22(rm6 donate)
size: pretty big
colour - green, grey and white all metalics!!!! yahoo (email for details or extra photos)
status: available

back from vacation can be so tiring!! hehehe but been here to update my blog seem nice and happy for me!! so here i am so excited to update new item that i bought while having a vacation... grab a chance to buy those items and also in the same time donate yeah!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

billabong, rip curl and surf brand for sale.... love??

and in the end the love we take is equal to the love we make.
hi peps out there, im back with a lot of new stuff with cheap price.... i put here the beatles's quote becoz i do believe that in life we have to give and take... life with love, give love and ensure u will get love as a return.... if its not a love from the person that u love, someone else will love u... otherwise Allah/ God will love u also!!!!

so, becoz of that this entry is special... quaterof the sales i will donate to those who need more than u and me!!! i mean us... =) IA i will send half of this sales to rumah org2 tua... so guys grab ur chance buy at cheap price and donate to those who needs... =)

billabong clutch
brand: billabong
condition: new
price: rm 39 (rm10 donate)
size: small. its just a little big than your hand.
status: available

really beautiful to go party. can fit well ur wallet and handphone and one or two make up

billabong and rip curl pencil case
brand: billabong / rip curl
condition: new
price: rm 28 ( rm 7 donation)
size: big u can put 2 calculator inside here... =)
status: billabong available
rip curl reserved

its really pretty and u can be outsatanding since u r different from others. also can be use as small bag to put make up?

billabong wallet
brand: billabong
condition: new
price: rm 43 (12 donation)
status: available

fit well ur bf or husband?

billabong key chain
brand: billabong
condition: new
price: rm 19 (5 will be given)
status: available

calling for those collector keychain!!

billabong hand
brand: billabong
condition: new
price: rm 19.90 (rm 35 for both =)) (5 for each )
status: 2 available (2 sets u can choose either for guys or girls or both)

its beautiful... email me for detail picture, its inside a plastic bag. so the image will be a little bit blur. for girl a sign of billabong in the centre and a little love chain there!

Monday, June 15, 2009


hye guys!!! its quit late for me to introduce myself but its better late then never... i am a gurl from a simple family but with a little bit extraordinary wants.... (well that what girls really right?)

always travel around the world. i have been in a lot of countries especially in europe. left my footprints in paris, amsterdam, brussels, uk, manchester, liverpool, ireland, germany, switzerland, italy,spain, china, indonesia, thailand austalia..... ok i know u are tiring of reading so do i!!! hehee

my blog here are especially for those who love shopping... i will do my best to collect a lot of stuff and sell it here!! well u know sharing is caring..... i love branded stuff to be honest, i love authentic branded. but didnt mean i never use fake.... =)

ok, guys here i will introduce new sales.....

if u order more than rm 150 - u will entitled to get rm 8 off for another/ coming shopping (its on cumulative price =))
order for more rm 200 entitled to buy others stuff with discount of 7%.

to be easier:
> rm 150 -rm 8 off next shopping
> rm 200 - 7% discount
> rm 300 - free postage forever!!!

sorry guys really hope that i can do a lot of promotion but since i let go all of my stuff at cheap/reasonable price, its really difficult to cut the price further.....

so enjoy shopping!!!

-wait for my new items when im back from travelling - again!! -