Monday, June 15, 2009


hye guys!!! its quit late for me to introduce myself but its better late then never... i am a gurl from a simple family but with a little bit extraordinary wants.... (well that what girls really right?)

always travel around the world. i have been in a lot of countries especially in europe. left my footprints in paris, amsterdam, brussels, uk, manchester, liverpool, ireland, germany, switzerland, italy,spain, china, indonesia, thailand austalia..... ok i know u are tiring of reading so do i!!! hehee

my blog here are especially for those who love shopping... i will do my best to collect a lot of stuff and sell it here!! well u know sharing is caring..... i love branded stuff to be honest, i love authentic branded. but didnt mean i never use fake.... =)

ok, guys here i will introduce new sales.....

if u order more than rm 150 - u will entitled to get rm 8 off for another/ coming shopping (its on cumulative price =))
order for more rm 200 entitled to buy others stuff with discount of 7%.

to be easier:
> rm 150 -rm 8 off next shopping
> rm 200 - 7% discount
> rm 300 - free postage forever!!!

sorry guys really hope that i can do a lot of promotion but since i let go all of my stuff at cheap/reasonable price, its really difficult to cut the price further.....

so enjoy shopping!!!

-wait for my new items when im back from travelling - again!! -

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